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Elcon Crane Hire made its humble beginning in 1986 when Managing Director, David Wilkinson, purchased the construction wing of Elgin Engineering.

At its inception, Elcon operated from a small depot in Durban with a fleet of 3 cranes. Today Elcon affords its customers lifting capacities ranging from 7T to 440T, and under hook height capabilities of up to an amazing 126m with its fleet of 40 cranes.

From its head office on the Bayhead, Durban which holds a fleet of 35 cranes, and through its active branch situated in Richards Bay holding a growing fleet of 6 cranes, clients right along the Eastern seaboard from Maputo to Cape Town can be serviced with no market regarded as beyond reach. Both depots have proud association with the harbours and the shipping fraternity, as well as the petro-chemical, mining, civil and other general engineering industries.

As Elcon’s loyal and historical customers increase their demand on the Elcon fleet, the company does its utmost to ensure their fleet remains current and capable of providing “cutting edge” services. It is this endeavour that led to the acquisition of our 440ton machine. This axle machine has a 60m main boom and 84m luffing jib, giving a maximum hook height at 126m.

Elcon’s wide range of All-Terrain cranes has proved to be a masterful tool in managing lifts in tight confines, especially for applications in the petro-chemical industry, where maneuverability and high reach are major pre-requisites. Specifically designed for mountainous conditions in Europe, these machines have afforded great success to Elcon in difficult off-road locations, while in and around our cities these machines move along our busy roads safely and efficiently. Elcon’s fleet capabilities and operator experience lend themselves to Elcon being able to claim leadership in the field of bridge beam erection, with the record of beams lifted in one day/night shift.

In 2017 Elcon Crane Hire secured a BEE rating of a Level four (value adding) contributor as per new codes. Marcus Wilkinson took over the reigns as Director in 2015 following the sudden passing of David Wilkinson. Marcus is determined that Elcon Crane Hire will hold its position as leader in its field, as it has done since the early 90’s, by staying ahead with the latest technology and services.

"In so doing, we can provide innovative and efficient solutions to our client’s broad lifting requirements throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal. We are confident Elcon is effectively equipped, and placed, to meet all new challenges".

Marcus Wilkinson - Director

Marcus Wilkinson - Director

In late 2012 Elcon formed a relationship with Anglo-V3 and Investec Principal Investments where the crane holding of both trading arms of Anglo-V3 and the Elcon Group were merged under a holding company Concord Cranes (Pty) Ltd. In 2014 Concord Nambia and Castle Crane Hire were added to the group. In 2016 the Concord Group became a part of Industrial Holdings Pty (Inserve). This new business entity is a combination of Concord, Goscor, Uni-Span, Prowalco, and Afrit.

This combing of Concord resources into the market has many positive advantages for all our customers. Daily business management in both operating legs of Anglo-V3, Castle Cranes, Elcon and Concord Namibia will remain unchanged. This new group now offer to our clients the strength and variety of 160 mobile, including the availability to Elcon Durban of the 750T All-Terrain mobile presently with some spare capacity, operated out of Anglo-V3 head office in Midrand. This enhanced capacity will certainly be of interest to the sugar and petro-chemical industries around Durban, where this size of mobile was previously in short supply. This enlarged asset base now places Concord Cranes (Pty) Ltd in the top 3 crane companies by number of mobiles operating in RSA.

February 2015 marked an historical moment for Elcon Crane Hire when they launched their 440t mobile crane. It was also a milestone celebrated by the province of KZN as it is the largest mobile crane available to the local market. Following are some interesting facts about this new addition:

  • The machine has a 7 axle carrier, driven by axles 1, 3 and 6.
  • It is driven by a 450kW diesel engine and a ZF TC Tronic Gearbox, with 12 forward and 2 reverse speeds fully automatic shifting
  • This machine is able to crab walk, which means all wheels steer
  • The carrier has a diesel tank capacity of 580 litres
  • To travel legally according to South African regulations the machine must travel under 12 tons per axle which requires us to remove the front 2 outriggers and hook block.
  • Setting up for a job this crane will take between a ¼ of a day to 2 full days, depending on the spec required and the site conditions.
  • To move the fully loaded rig with all attachments will require 12 trucks.
  • The Crane super structure is driven by a separate 240kW diesel engine
  • The winch rope has a line pull of 126kN which equates to roughly 12.7 tons per line
  • The Fuel tank holds a further 275 litres of diesel
  • The crane has 2 winches. The main hoist cable which is 470 metres long and the 2nd winch which controls the luff up and down has a cable length of 775 metres
  • It has a basic boom of 60m, plus a 56m fixed fly-jib, as well as a luffing jib of 84m
  • The counter weights can ballast out from 5.6m to 6.6m increasing the cranes capacity
  • Max counter weights configuration is 140 tons
  • The crane has a max hook height of 126m, and is able to lift 1.3 tons at a radius of 100m.
440t Mobile Crane

440t Mobile Crane


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